implant dentistry

All About Implant Dentistry

Even though Americans can expect to retain their teeth longer, there are approximately 8 million people who are missing all of their teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Conventional partial dentures and dentures can be difficult to wear, making chewing a challenge. The discovery of implant technology and the birth of implant dentistry changed […]

Advanced – Cracked tooth

Detecting And Treating A Cracked Tooth

Some dental issues such as a knocked out tooth or a broken crown are pretty hard to miss. And while you may think that a cracked tooth would also be difficult to overlook, the truth is that many people have trouble spotting this dental problem. To give yourself a better chance at recognizing a tooth […]

Blog – DI save smile

How Dental Implants Can Save Your Smile

Dental implants are a popular and permanent way to improve the stability of your mouth. If you have missing teeth, or wear removable dentures, they can offer a way for you to maintain a stable, strong and long-lasting smile. These alternatives to your natural tooth root are made of titanium, a metal that fuses with […]

ADVANCED – Oral Surg.

9 Tips to Recover From Oral Surgery

Now that you made it through your oral surgery, you’ll want to take care of your mouth to ensure a quick and easy recovery. If you had your wisdom teeth removed got new dental implants, or went through any other procedure to your teeth and gums, there are plenty of simple ways you can ease the pain and […]