• I walk into the building, Advanced Oral & Facial Specialists in Aiken.
    My anxiety starts, my legs begin shakin.
    Tea Olive Court was the dreaded location
    Oh, how I dreamed I was rather on a vacation.
    They wanted an x-ray, and I thought “Oh, I can’t!”
    But I had to get it done, I need a dental implant.
    As I sat in the chair, I came up with a plan
    Excuse myself to the restroom, what a scared young man.
    As Dr. Robles directed me, “The restroom’s right here”
    I told her I actually just felt dental fear.
    No laughing, no putdowns, no feeling of doom
    Rather a simple offer to talk in the employee break room.
    A special compassion for her patients were felt
    My anxiety lifted and fear began to melt.
    I looked at the costs and could do nothing but shrug
    But I left the office with a smile and a hug.
    Dr. Jennibeth’s assistants were as nice as could be
    Stephanie and Sawyer’s their name; they were real nice to me.
    Sawyer stated “Let’s play golf or tennis sometime”
    And Stephanie tasted the glue, what a hilarious time!
    She almost gagged, God bless her dear heart
    Dr. Robles is smiling, saying tastes like a sweet-tart.
    Dr. Robles husband, Shawn Velez works there too
    One surgeon’s not enough, you gotta have two.
    He’s an endodontist and will work whether sunny or raining
    Heck, both of their kids are Ninjadontists in Training!
    It’s a real nice practice, they seem to care a whole lot.
    Visit SmileAiken.com and book you a spot.
    I must be over-sedated, better begin the bagging
    No, I’m not, I guess I’m rather bragging.
    God led me to this practice I believe for a reason
    A reminder He’s there through every trial and season.
    I don’t wish for bad teeth or need for dental repair
    But at Advanced Oral & Facial Specialists in Aiken, they really do care!

    Jon Brotherton
  • “First, wow! What can I say about Jennibeth? Well, I can say and speak from experience that she’s an excellent doctor with a heart of gold who listens, hugs and loves on you all at the same time while taking care of your dental needs. She is a model of what you would call a great dentist. My experience with her was nothing but pleasant, and she made me feel comfortable. She even gave me a hug and a smile to go along with the work. Every time I had a concern, all I had to do was pick up the phone, and my phone call was returned promptly. If I had any issues after my surgery, she made sure that I was taken care of. I have always been afraid of the dentist, even as a child, but when I walked into her office, all my fears went away because she listened to my concerns and answered all my questions with a smile and a hug as I left the office. To me, that’s what I call a great person and a dentist.”

    Cicily L. Youmans
  • “I have suffered with TMJ disorder for 30 years. The pain was excruciating at times, and I searched out for anything that would alleviate the pain. After three surgeries, over the course of a 20-year period with only episodic relief, I was left with only medication as the last option to allow me to work and function as a wife, mother and Nana. When I heard about Botox and was recommended to Dr. Robles, I was unprepared for the compassion and true empathy that I received from her. To have a doctor “pull up a chair” and really listen to what I had been through with chronic pain gave me true hope. Botox injections have made a monumental difference in my pain level! It has been a life changing experience to not only have a doctor that is truly interested in YOU and your quality of life, but also to have had the positive pain relieving results from periodic Botox injections. Thank you, Dr. Robles!”

    Sharon Oates
  • I have always been afraid of the dentist, but Dr. Jennibeth Robles said to me yesterday that she was a “surgeon” and not a dentist so that didn’t matter anymore. She explained everything up front to me and I put my trust in her. Once she started my procedure I relaxed and don’t remember a thing. She gave very detailed instructions to me and my husband, and called later to check on me. This is the best experience I have ever had with a “dentist.” I am so grateful that I had a chance to meet Dr. Jennibeth Robles. Thank you for your caring bedside manner. I am following your directions and doing well today.

    Dottie Zielinski
  • If a surgical extraction can be a wonderful experience this was!! Awesome professional services, caring and compassionate. I would recommend them to anyone!

    Mary Katherine Whittle

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