Sensitive teeth are no fun at all. You take a sip of your morning coffee or eat a scoop of ice cream for dessert, and suddenly a pain shoots through your mouth. Obviously, there’s nothing normal about sensitive teeth and it can mean more than just a disruption to your eating and drinking habits. Contact Advanced Endodontics before the problem gets worse, because sensitive teeth usually are a warning sign that something serious is happening or about to happen.

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by tooth decay, gum recession, cavities, cracked teeth, clenching, or grinding of jaws, teeth bleaching products and more. Essentially, your teeth become sensitive when the enamel or root is exposed to extreme temperatures.

Because sensitivity can be caused by so many factors, it is important to see a specialist to help determine what is causing your symptoms. The only way to truly treat sensitive teeth is to fix the cause. By the time pain occurs, though, it can be too late to completely prevent tooth damage, but it almost always can be fixed by an expert and the damage can be contained.

While there are toothpastes geared toward sensitive teeth, they usually only block pain and do not fix the underlying cause. Perhaps one of the best treatments is preventative care. Getting regular dental checkups and cleanings go a long way to preventing many of the causes of sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth can be a warning sign of a bigger problem and should be checked by an expert. If you have teeth sensitivity because of tooth decay, for example, the existing decay needs to be removed and the tooth fixed before it gets worse. Gum disease can cause more pain and other issues if it is not treated.

Advanced Endodontics works to save your existing teeth. Dr. Shawn Velez uses a variety of diagnostic measures, including 3D imaging, to find the cause of your sensitivity, then we find the best way to save your teeth.