Jon B.

I walk into the building, Advanced Oral & Facial Specialists in Aiken.
My anxiety starts, my legs begin shakin.
Tea Olive Court was the dreaded location
Oh, how I dreamed I was rather on a vacation.
They wanted an x-ray, and I thought “Oh, I can’t!”
But I had to get it done, I need a dental implant.
As I sat in the chair, I came up with a plan
Excuse myself to the restroom, what a scared young man.
As Dr. Robles directed me, “The restroom’s right here”
I told her I actually just felt dental fear.
No laughing, no putdowns, no feeling of doom
Rather a simple offer to talk in the employee break room.
A special compassion for her patients were felt
My anxiety lifted and fear began to melt.
I looked at the costs and could do nothing but shrug
But I left the office with a smile and a hug.
Dr. Jennibeth’s assistants were as nice as could be
Stephanie and Sawyer’s their name; they were real nice to me.
Sawyer stated “Let’s play golf or tennis sometime”
And Stephanie tasted the glue, what a hilarious time!
She almost gagged, God bless her dear heart
Dr. Robles is smiling, saying tastes like a sweet-tart.
Dr. Robles husband, Shawn Velez works there too
One surgeon’s not enough, you gotta have two.
He’s an endodontist and will work whether sunny or raining
Heck, both of their kids are Ninjadontists in Training!
It’s a real nice practice, they seem to care a whole lot.
Visit and book you a spot.
I must be over-sedated, better begin the bagging
No, I’m not, I guess I’m rather bragging.
God led me to this practice I believe for a reason
A reminder He’s there through every trial and season.
I don’t wish for bad teeth or need for dental repair
But at Advanced Oral & Facial Specialists in Aiken, they really do care!