Sharon O.

“I have suffered with TMJ disorder for 30 years. The pain was excruciating at times, and I searched out for anything that would alleviate the pain. After three surgeries, over the course of a 20-year period with only episodic relief, I was left with only medication as the last option to allow me to work and function as a wife, mother and Nana. When I heard about Botox and was recommended to Dr. Robles, I was unprepared for the compassion and true empathy that I received from her. To have a doctor ‘pull up a chair’ and really listen to what I had been through with chronic pain gave me true hope. Botox injections have made a monumental difference in my pain level! It has been a life changing experience to not only have a doctor that is truly interested in YOU and your quality of life, but also to have had the positive pain relieving results from periodic Botox injections. Thank you, Dr. Robles!”