by Jon Brotherton

Streaming banners, flags flying, crowds gathered in the street
A homecoming for our military, the heroes we aim to greet
We celebrate these times and the founding of our nation
Family and friends together, what a wonderful celebration
As the smell of the barbecue cooking, fuels my appetite
I gaze into the sky, as fireworks begin to light the night
As I take in this sight, I wonder what it means to me
To be the home of the brave, the land of the free
So many things to ponder, in this great land we have
Both the past and the present, the good and the bad
The Statue of Liberty, with her torch held up high
A mighty bald eagle, spreading its wings across the sky
The best military and the opportunity to have it all
No dream is too big, no person is too small
They say that in America, Dream big and have your way
But I have to stop and ponder if that’s the way it is today
Too many have forgotten of the hard work and dedication
That was put into this country to become the greatest nation
One nation under God, liberty and freedom for all
Will we continue to grow or stumble and fall
Yes, America is great! The Red, White, and Blue!
But along with this poem, I ask some things of you.
Don’t back down on morals and values, some aim for America’s destruction
You can’t believe all you hear, there are lies and corruption
Keep your head up high, and do what you know is right
Together with our neighbors we will always win the fight
Pray for our country in all that we do
These are the simple things that I ask of you
I’m finishing up this poem because the barbecue is done
Enjoy one another, live life, and have fun
I hope that this poem has made you think a little bit today
Now go have some fun, GOD BLESS THE USA!!

Ysabel Velez