by Jon Brotherton

A cooler chill is in the air, you can feel it in the breeze
A display of autumn colors, begin appearing on the leaves
Roadside stands begin displaying pumpkins and mountain apples galore
Pumpkin spiced items and cinnamon broomsticks are at almost every store.
Football is the sport during this time, most men could watch it for any reason
All of these things come together, which is the Thanksgiving season.
Pilgrims and Indians came together and had a Harvest Celebration
Known as the First Thanksgiving, it’s now a wonderful occasion.
Feasting and fun times with family and friends whom you love
Taking the time to be thankful for all to God above.
So many tasty foods around, most all are cooked homemade
The smell of pumpkin pie while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Instead of just Turkey Day, make the most of November
A grateful time in your life, precious moments to remember
During this beautiful season, a Harvest Moon lights up the sky
A moment of peace from God that may bring a tear to your eye
As the cool air hits your face, let it be a reminder in a way
For all that you’ve been blessed with, Have a great Thanksgiving Day!

Ysabel Velez