by Jon Brotherton

A baby born in a manger, in a town named Bethlehem
Where a savior was sent and Christmas began.
Born of a virgin Mary, it only happened this day
Stars shining from the sky, showed wise men the way
Sent down from Heaven, Jesus’s father, God, up above
His own son was delivered, to show us his love.
Over two thousand years later, with the stockings hung near the fire
The greatest story of all is told again and continues to inspire.
For with the birth of our savior, his life, showing us the way
It all began with his birth, now known as Christmas Day.
Magical moments arise and traditions hold dear
Where Santa brings toys with his sleigh and reindeer.
Christmas trees and lights are put on display
All over the world, to honor this day.
Even Scrooge and the Grinch that contained hearts with a hole
Became filled with the love and joyed filled their soul.
Family and friend “get-togethers” and Christmas vacation
Are all put together to celebrate this wonderful occasion.
So much happiness around, people merry with glee
It’s hard to explain, what Christmas means to me.
It’s a mixture of memories, traditions with family and friends together
A rush to go shopping, the thoughts of snowy Christmas weather.
Christmas music playing, feasts being made
Presents being wrapped, a Frosty Snowman parade.
Whatever tradition or thought you hold dear
Remember the reason for this time of year.
When everything settles down on the night of Christmas Eve
Walk outside and look up at heaven and breathe
Think of the miraculous story and sing the words to Silent Night
And with this, Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

Ysabel Velez