GentleWave & The Future of Endodontics

The Future of Endodontics: GentleWave Procedure

The dental specialty of Endodontics focuses on keeping the pulp tissue within the tooth and the Periapical tissue surrounding the tooth healthy. When infection and/or inflammation affect the pulp tissue within the roots of a tooth, the root canal procedure becomes necessary to remove the diseased pulp resulting in relief from pain.  Historically, root canal procedures had a reputation for being painful and were avoided.  Avoiding this tooth saving procedure can contribute to more significant pain and infection within the mouth; which can result in the loss of the tooth and supporting tissues.

The Process of a Root Canal Procedure

During a root canal procedure, Endodontists, like Dr. Shawn Velez, carefully remove diseased pulp from inside the tooth. Next, the root canal is cleaned, shaped, and disinfected.  Lastly, a filling material is placed within the canal to permanently seal it.

GentleWave Technology Changes the Industry

Thanks to advancing technology, the root canal treatment has improved considerably to become virtually painless and with far better outcomes than in the past.  The newest technology, GentleWave, uses multiple wavelengths of sound to gently deliver disinfecting fluids throughout the entire root canal system, even reaching into and cleaning the microscopic spaces previously not accessible to older techniques.  GentleWave delivers high level disinfectant to the hard to reach areas where bacteria can hide.  This high level of disinfection results in less chance of treatment failure over time. This approach is innovative and minimally invasive, leaving patients feeling better and with improved outcomes.

When to Call About a Root Canal?

The pulp tissue in our tooth can be damaged from deep decay (cavities) or enter through a crack or chip in the tooth. Some symptoms of inflammation/infection are severe pain while chewing or biting, lingering sensitivity to hot or cold, and/or swelling/tenderness of the gum tissue.  Dr. Velez at Advanced Endodontics is available to consult with you on the condition of your tooth and discuss whether the GentleWave procedure is the right treatment for you!