GentleWave & The Future of Endodontics

The Future of Endodontics: GentleWave Procedure The dental specialty of Endodontics focuses on keeping the pulp tissue within the tooth and the Periapical tissue surrounding the tooth healthy. When infection and/or inflammation affect the pulp tissue within the roots of a tooth, the root canal procedure becomes necessary to remove the diseased pulp resulting in […]


Save It or Replace It

Save It or Replace It Dental decay (cavities) and fractures affect the health of our teeth and can cause us to experience pain and discomfort in our mouth. The solution, however, is not always to remove the affected tooth. Thanks to modern technology and advanced practices of doctors like Dr. Jennibeth Robles and Dr. Shawn […]


Myths About Root Canals

The news you need a root canal might cause your stomach to tighten up, but that response could be based on misinformation or outdated stories. You might only have heard misconceptions that endodontic procedures cause pain, will make you sick, and is something you should avoid. We want you know that the opposite is true. […]


Technology & The Root Canal Experience

How technology has improved the root canal experience. In recent years, dramatic improvements in root canal diagnostics and treatments have improved patient outcomes and comfort. Advanced Endodontics of Aiken continually improves the root canal experience and procedure with the latest technology available. Using the latest technology means we can get better results, save more teeth […]