Sensitive Teeth Can Be a Sign of Bigger Problems

Sensitive teeth are no fun at all. You take a sip of your morning coffee or eat a scoop of ice cream for dessert, and suddenly a pain shoots through your mouth. Obviously, there’s nothing normal about sensitive teeth and it can mean more than just a disruption to your eating and drinking habits. Contact […]

Advanced on the Move Group

Advanced on the Move

A couple of years ago, Dr. Shawn Velez, of Advanced Endodontics, woke up to two questions that had been facing him for many years. He wanted to know how to spend more time with his family and how to stay healthy. Like many Americans, he struggled with the work-family life balance, and often the scales […]

botox and juvederm at the dentist

Botox® and Juvederm® at the Dentist

Botox® and Juvederm® have many known cosmetic benefits. While you may think of having these procedures performed in a plastic/cosmetic surgeon’s office or with other facial aesthetic specialists, they are best performed in a dental office. Dentists are experts in the bone and muscle structure of the face. Our expertise and training are imbued in […]

tooth extractions

Tooth Extractions

Even though your permanent teeth should be just that – permanent – there are times you might need tooth extractions. Sometimes, a tooth has been too badly damaged from trauma, decay or infection to be fixed. Some teeth require extraction because a patient’s mouth does not have enough room for normal alignment of teeth and […]