Obagi Medical Skincare Products

Advanced Oral and Facial Surgery is dedicated to helping patients look their best, from their smiles to their skin. We are proud to offer the Obagi line for skincare products, including serums, masks, sunscreens and much more. For just a $35 consultation fee, Dr. Jennibeth Robles-Velez will evaluate your skin and recommend the perfect products […]



Did you know teeth are the hardest substance in the body? They help you eat, talk and smile, so when teeth are missing, they affect your quality of life and self-esteem in ways you probably never have considered. Advanced Oral and Facial Specialists proudly provides the All-On-4 dental implant procedure to return your award-winning smile […]


SkinPen at Advanced Oral and Facial Surgery

Advanced Oral and Facial Specialists wants you to feel good and look good. In addition to giving you the smile you’ve always wanted, we offer skin-care treatments to give you even more confidence in your appearance. We are proud to offer SkinPen precision microneedling to improve your complexion and give you skin that glows. SkinPen […]

patient sitting in chair

Cracked Teeth and What To Do About Them

A hard outer layer called enamel protects your teeth. Environmental factors and a diet high in sugars and acids (citrus fruits, sodas, candy, etc.) can weaken the enamel and make teeth prone to decay, cavities and cracking. Teeth with large fillings in them also tend to develop cracks over time. After all, your jaw closes […]